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EXO² HeatSole


Just in time for shattered feet -  The EXO² HeatSole ! 

This ingenious device delivers a cocoon of warmth for frozen toes. If you’re heading out for a winter hike, camping or travelling on a motorcycle, these heated insoles ensure that your feet stay warm without having to put on a bulky extra layer of socks. Designed to slip into any sized shoe, these heated insoles keep your feet toasty warm for up to seven hours on one charge. Perfect for a wide range of outdoor pursuits, they can also help those suffering from poor circulation at home – just pop them into your slippers to keep your feet warm all day long. A host of benefits and special features include:

Single insole length (cut to size) and leather covered for Comfort & Breathability

Tiny Li-Ion Power Packs with pouch clips & LED's delivering 5-7 hours heat per charge (two power packs and one charger per pair)

FabRoc heat panels self-regulate at approximately 45 degrees C to thaw out frozen toes (or stop them freezing in the first place !)

Ideal for ski-ing, hiking, motorcycling, fishing, riding, hunting and for all those struggling with poor circulation

Velcro strap for clipping power pack to lower leg if not wearing boots (under trousers/jeans etc.)


Click here to view the Heatsole manual (PDF)

Model: HS
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